ESUG 2022 videos released

It took a while this time until all presentation videos were reviewed and published. And it took me some time as well to write this post. On youtube you can find

Last year I did the following presentations:

  • There is no magic until you talk about databases. In this presentation I describe how our technology stack grow much smaller by focusing on the essential parts. The complex parts of the project are solved by architecture instead of implementation. This presentation can also be considered the official kick-off of the Soil project
  • Soil: A new view on OO database technology which will hopefully lead to the implementation of a new OO database
  • ApptiveGrid: A demonstration of our no-code collaboration tool that is based on the architecture described in the "There is no magic..." talk
  • Transactional5mk7yYVzds) In the show us your project_ session I showed an experiment for STM (software transaction memory) done by using a rather extreme potential of slots.

Hope you like them. In case of questions please contact me