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How to Activate Double Tap to Drag in Lion

This week I got the new MacBook Pro with Retina display. The display is outstanding and makes the internet look a little like EGA graphics :) To switch from one MacBook to another it is always a decision how to recreate your environment. This time I decided to do a clean migrate. It means no time machine, no big backup/restore procedures that are built-in. The goal is to have as less cruft as possible on the new computer.

By doing this you also loose all the tweaks you’ve added in the past. For most of them I have a note or a blog entry like this. But there are a lot things that went unnoticed. I updated my old MacBook two times to a new system and I always had a behavior that you can double tap and drag a window using the trackpad. On the new MacBook the behavior was gone. Apple replaced it with yet another revolutionary something. Gladly there is a way to restore the behavior although it is kind of hidden which should tell you that apple want you to stop using it.You can find it in

System Preferences  
   > Universal Access  
   > Mouse and Trackpad  
   > Trackpad Options  
   and there enable the "Dragging" checkbox.

If you have a german language setting like me you’ll find it in

   > Maus & Trackpad 
   > Trackpad-Optionen...  
   and the checkbox is called "Bewegen"

I got this helpful trick from cnet