Norbert Hartl

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The Faq Site

I didn’t use the web much in the last years. All those buzz word overloaded new trends passed me without further notice. Now I try to get used to it again and I’m surprised that there are indeed a lot of good things out there. One new (well, new to me at least) service is It’s all about asking questions and giving answers. The rest is points you get and with the points there comes the right to change. The site has a reduced clean design and is not packed full with stuff. The user interface is enhanced with ajax a lot (and I mean enhanced not like the most stuff that’s available elsewhere). I really like it and to me it’s addictive. Why? I don’t know! Yes, you are right, it’s only about questions and answers! It is a way of learning new things. Be it questions to interesting topics or things you know the answer already. There is always some detail added by someone that is new to yourself. The rating seems to work quite well. I was most of the time satisfied with the answer the community declared as the best answer to a question. I will encourage other friends to participate as well.