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Smalltalk Dev Room @ FOSDEM 2012

At the weekend 4th/5th of february there will be this years FOSDEM, a big free and open source conference held in Brussels. Some of the smalltalk guys arranged a smalltalk dev room on sunday, 5th of february. If you are interested in smalltalk don’t hesitate to visit us in the smalltalk dev room (room number seems to be AW1.126). If you have interests in smalltalk and REST then you are even more welcomed to visit my talk. It is the first in the schedule (I should have been more careful :) ).Here is the schedule:

09:30 Norbert Hartl, Take a small REST. Simple approaches for REST in smalltalk
10:00 Stephane Ducasse, Marcus Denker, The next steps for the Pharo Vision
11:00 Laurent Laffont, John Thornton, Amber, the Smalltalk for web developers
12:00 Nick Ager, An introduction to jQuery Mobile
12:30 Stefan Marr, RoarVM, Sly
13:00 David Chisnall, Compiling Smalltalk to fast native Code
13:30 Craig Latta, Spoon
14:00 Stephan Eggermont, Willem van den Ende, Diego Lont, Back to the future,(re)learn smalltalk (till 16:30).

See you @ FOSDEM