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Stone Creator Utility Released

In gemstone you can have a lot of different options if you set up multiple projects at your site. I tried putting a lot of software projects into the same image at first (is still good to start with). Then I used a multiuser setup that is the same image but complete separate object graphs by using different users for it.

But those have a lot of drawbacks regarding dependencies and manageability of the projects. So I ended up with a multiple stone setup. It is not really hard to set up another stone but gemstone does not include a utility to help you with. There are some written in ruby. It would have been a great reason to learn ruby but this time I tried not to postpone everything until I’ve learned enough ruby to be able to manage some scripts. Another reason is that if it works with bash I favour it because it is closer to the system and less bloated. So I did a bash script that creates a skeleton directory for a stone to run within. It sets all environment variables right and provides a system V start/stop script so you can have your stone started if the machine boots. You can it at github