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Smalltalk Desktop

A couple of weeks ago Antony Blakey mentioned Etoile OSon the squeak-devmailing list. This is a very exciting project. Back then I had the chance to do some little things on a NeXt cube. Using the system seemed to be less awkward than the things I knew then. Being a linux user there was only little to get. I used the windowmaker window manager for a long time and I was a frequent visitor on the GNUStep pages. I had the hope they will provide something similar to NextStep. In the meantime my desktop is gnome and I don’t visit the GNUStep pages anymore. But there is one thing about Etoile OS that got me again. They chose to have smalltalk as a first class citizen. Reading that was just amazing. Having it all and be able to use smalltalk to do applications is something I can’t explain, it just “feels right”. Unfortunately the system is in an early state and it will take some time unless it will be a basic replacement for my current desktop. I think I should visit their pages from time to time